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I am word nerd, geek girl, boy mom, keeper of the books, teacher, and yogi. I practice yoga in hopes to being Zen. My filter is often broken. I wear by nerd and geek status as a badge of honor. I try to find the funny in every day life. Check Out My Etsy Store .

Check this out! http://humorwriters.org/2019/11/03/hows-momma-nem/
  • January 22, 2020 by
  • Pokemon Guardian

    March 5, 2020 by

    Today, I guarded a 7th grader’s Pokemon cards, so he could go to the restroom. It was so refreshing to see a middle schooler that is more worried about Pokemon than the grown up stuff they tend to be into and have no business doing. Kids grow up too fast. It made me smile to… Read more

  • Truth Hurts

    March 5, 2020 by

    Earlier today, I saw  a meme that had a quote about success. It said that Success is not owned . It is rented. The rent is due every day. It struck me. Truth time!. I am accustomed to reading success quotes about dreams and drive. It is refreshing to see a quote that says it… Read more

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