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I am word nerd, geek girl, boy mom, keeper of the books, teacher, and yogi. I practice yoga in hopes to being Zen. My filter is often broken. I wear by nerd and geek status as a badge of honor. I try to find the funny in every day life.

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  • Hold Up , It is Not Your Turn

    November 7, 2019 by

      It is less than 60 days from the most expensive holiday of the year. Brace yourself,  Christmas is coming. Santa is coming. Lists are being made. Shopping is being done. I am ahead of the game for once in my whole life. Well, as ahead of the game as I get when it comes to… Read more

  • November 4, 2019 by How’s your momma and nem While residing in the Sunshine State, I longed for the simple life of the rural south. My fondest childhood memories are of those simple pleasures: watching the fireflies dance in the moonlight between the tear drop leaves of a weeping willow, the feel of watermelon dripping down my chin… Read more

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