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  1. History

More often than not B&Bs are remodeled or repurposed large older homes. They are often steeped in the history of the area they are in. Holly House in Hamilton, GA was built in 1880. The owners have taken great pride to furnish each room with period antique furniture. 

Savannah, GA boasts a great many historic B&Bs. Many with their own ghost stories to go along. Foley House and Kehoe house both make most of the local ghost tours. These B&Bs proudly post their  history on their web page. For some others, you may have to get the story from the owners or staff during your stay which can be fun. 

  1. Owner Operated B&Bs Have Very Personal Touch

Granted, it takes a unique individual to open their homes to complete strangers day after day. Not only do they owners get to meet new people, the patrons do as well. You leave knowing just a little bit more about the owner of the B&B than you would the staff of a hotel. Often these establishments have only a few rentable rooms, so your individual desires and tastes are often taken into account. The owners may ask for your input on what time to serve breakfast or what you would like on the menu. They will often provide cookies or cake for afternoon tea. 

     3.     The themes can be conversation starters

Whether it is the beach side B&B with sea shells, mermaids , and pastel everything or the kitschy Christmas themed mountain B&B, there is usually something to talk or laugh about. Christmas trees in summer- why not? Holly everywhere- sure. 

The jungle theme in the North Georgia mountains- well. Why not? Everyone needs monkeys and palm trees in their lives. 

You will certainly not have to endure the same drab carpet and beige walls as almost every hotel room in history has. Since every room is usually themed a little differently, you can always sneak a peek in other guest rooms. 

4. You usually get your own potty. 

Many people worry that they will have to share a bathroom like we have seen on so many sitcoms over the years. No worries. Most B&Bs have a room for each guest room and a public one or two to boot. You can poop in peace or as much peace as you probably get at home if you have a spouse , children , or pets. 

5. Breakfast

Who doesn’t want food? After all , breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is there really anything better than a decadent  morning meal. There is a drawback to having to morning with other people. It is generally uncouth to appear in your pjs and bed head for bacon. I don’t know about you, but I will put a bra on for bacon. 

6. Drinks 

B&Bs often provide their guests with drinks. There might be coffee stations all day or certain hours. Some even have wine or port in the afternoons. Who doesn’t appreciate an afternoon nip? There is also usually that water with random fruit and vegetables floating in it. 

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