Month: March 2020

Pokemon Guardian

Today, I guarded a 7th grader’s Pokemon cards, so he could go to the restroom. It was so refreshing to see a middle schooler that is more worried about Pokemon than the grown up stuff they tend to be into and have no business doing. Kids grow up too fast. It made me smile to be the Pokemon guard. I should add that to my job title.

Kristie Barnett, EDS
Library Media Specialist
Keeper of the Books , Guardian of Pokemon, and Chaos Coordinator

Truth Hurts

Earlier today, I saw  a meme that had a quote about success. It said that Success is not owned . It is rented. The rent is due every day. It struck me. Truth time!. I am accustomed to reading success quotes about dreams and drive. It is refreshing to see a quote that says it is work and it is constant work. Anything you do , to succeed takes work. If you do the same thing tomorrow, you still have to work at it. If you stop trying, you stop succeeding. This also reminded me of an idiom. The idiom goes the devil is in the details. My interpretation  is that you have to work on the details and look at the fine print.

If you combine those two, through paying attention to the details and working hard, one can be successful at a task. Does that mean that we are all going to be rich and famous? Heck, no. It means if you set out to cook a cake or write a blog or do another task with attention to details and hard work you are more likely to be successful. Sometimes education or training  are part of that hard work and detailed attention. 

I have run across some pettiness and jealousy about some accomplishments that I have obtained. Many or all might seem minor to most, but they are mine . I worked for them. The world does not hand me things. It does hand anyone things. On pondering these incidents that I have tried to let them be water off a duck’s back, details and work play over and over in my mind. Don’t be hating someone was able  to rent a moment of success. Use your time more wisely and rent you some of your own success with hard work and attention to details. As for me, I got shit to do. I have rent to work for. Just DO it! 

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