Rather recently, a canine came to live with us. It has been several years since there has been that species of four legged baby at our house. We are the crazy cat family. We have five- yes, I said five- cats. Not on purpose mind you. Animals just sort of happen to us. I am fairly sure there is an animal hobo mark on my house. Only one of the now 6 animals that I feed did I go out and get on purpose. The others were apparently fate. 

Several years ago, I had to put down my Molly dog. She was 15. Molly chose me. I did not go out to get her either. We loved her for years. After Molly went over the rainbow bridge, I have said I was not emotionally ready for another dog. Also, I am not a dog person. 

When approached by my children’s father over the last year about taking in his stepson’s dog, Miya. I resisted. I was a Molly person not a dog person. Also, five cats are a lot. Some of the time, I was pretty sure he was joking about sending her to my house. My wife- in- law and all the boys obviously loved her. 

Recently, he approached me again. This time the dog’s human is enlisting and can’t keep her. My baby daddy and my wife in law already have a huge dog and are taking in another. Miya needed a new home. My mother-in-law took her for a couple of weeks. Miya is a city dog. She did not do well in the country. Apparently, chickens are fun to chase. Unfortunately, that will also get doggos shot at. 

Miya was relocated to my fenced in yard. When I told my mother, she replied, “ I knew you would end up with that dog.” My response, “ Animals just happen to me.” 

Miya is a Great Pyranese/ Dalmation. That looks about like you imagine. She looks like a giant spotted rug or a small Wookie. She really wants to be friends with the cats. The cats are not so sure yet. The cats are kind of bullies. They boss the 90lb dog around often. 

Miya dances when she is excited. Her excitement usually involves table scraps or treats. I understand being that excited over food. 

I did not want a dog. Dogs happen to me like cats happen to me. I still won’t admit I am a dog person, but I am a Miya person. She had me at the big brown eyes and the happy dance. I probably dance like that when someone offers me a donut.