Going on a Ghost Hunt 

I am not a paranormal enthusiast. For those that are, I support your hobby. I do , however , enjoy a historic ghost tour or pub crawl while visiting a city with a rich history. I love the stories. I am Southern afterall. We love to tell stories and listen to them. A gifted tour guide can weave a tale that transports you to another time. I have gone on many of those historic ghost tours. I have paid my admission to ride in a convertible hearse and freeze in Savannah. I swore I saw something move in that cemetery. I am sure it was part of the tour. I have walked the streets of the historic district with a girl that needed to eat a sandwich in a hoop skirt. I listen, make smart comments, and laugh. The hubs and I even stayed in the Foley House on our last trip to Savannah . It is on all the ghost tours. The power went out several times that day in a storm, but I did not see the ghost. Of course, I suppose the ghost could have started the summer thunderstorm. Hmmm

I have had the pleasure of taking a tour of the French Quarter with Tour Guide Thomas. The lull of his southern drawl and dramatic flair make his tours a pleasure. Plus, they start on Bourbon Street across the street from where they sell Hand Grenades. If you are ever in NOLA, take a tour with Master Thomas at Lord Chaz Tours .


Several years ago-(four I think), my hubs and I had just started dating. For our second date, I suggested we go on a  ghost walk that was taking place in Jacksonville , AL. What I expected was some grown folks out for a few ghost stories and exercise on a mild October night. Boy, I was mistaken. We were out for a  walk and some ghost stories. The rest of the group were the for real paranormal kind with cameras. I can not prove this, but I think the tour guide was making it up as she went. Either that or the tiny square is the most haunted place in history. We walked two blocks maybe and heard a dozen vague stories. Most of the tour was pointing out  spots of possible paranormal sightings and enthusiast ghost hunters looking for ghost orbs. One guy stood in the middle of a busy road with an oncoming car taking a picture. Amongst the ghost hunters were two smart ass middle age people on an awkward date. 

Guy standing in the middle of the road taking a picture of ghost orbs – I mean headlights. 

Me: What an idiot?

Date (Hubs): I bet he gets a picture of two ghost orbs. 

As we round the block, we hear a story of how a brothel once stood on a now empty lot and people still smell roses from time to time. 

Ghost Hunters: A chorus of I smell it. 

Date (Hubs): While leaning in real close, I think it is your perfume or I farted. I tell my kids my farts smell like roses. 

Me: Please don’t try to prove it. 

Date (Hubs): But it was funny. 

Me: Why are there no Hand Grenades ?

The only eerie thing I felt or saw was two middle aged smart asses on a date. 

Four years later

Hubs: What are you writing about?

Me: It is called Ghost Hunt.

Hubs: That ghost walk we went on where the idiot almost got hit by the car?

Me: Yep

Hubs: You know if he had been hit that car it would have been natural selection. 

 Yep, we still got that smart ass vibe going on. I also still want a Hand Grenade. 

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