Every day of my adult life my phone rang at the time I was to be leaving work. On the other end of the phone, a gruff male voice said, “ I was just calling to check on you and the boys.” The conversation was never long and always ended with “ Talk to your mother now.” Insert voice here yelling Nita over and over until mom found the phone. Those brief conversations before he handed me off to mom went something like this: “ How was work?”, “Do you need money?”, “What are you feeding the boys?” , “ How are my boys’ grades”, and “Have you started shopping for (fill in the nearest holiday/birthday here?” One of the very last things he ever said to me was have you started Christmas shopping? I need you to do mine too.” I responded, “ Dad, it is October.” I can’t remember what was said next, but I am sure it was here talk to your mother. It has been one year today since I have gotten that dependable phone call. No one has reminded me to call people on their birthdays, to shop for occasions, and questioned my finances in one long year. I miss that call every day.